How to get Best Cable Modem: Rent vs Buy? Stop paying Rental Fees

If you are on Comcast/Xfinity or other larger ISPs such as Cox, Mediacom, Optimum/Cablevision/Altice, CableOne, WoW, Spectrum (Charter/TimeWarner/BrightHouse), Suddenlink, etc, most likely they are charging you monthly lease for their modem which ranges from $4.99 to $12 per month. Here are current fees:

  • Comcast/Xfinity - $11/month ($132/year)
  • Cox - $10/month ($120/year)
  • Suddenlink - $10/month ($120/year)
  • Optimum - $10/month ($120/year)
  • WoW - $10/month ($120/year)
  • Spectrum -  $10/month ($120/year) or Free (New Spectrum Plans)

When to Rent a Cable Modem?

  • Moving out too soon

    If you either on constant move or moving frequently, then renting modem is best for you. Your new place may not support Cable connection as well

  • Employer Paid Internet

    If you are one of those lucky employees whose employer pays for internet bill, then it is best for you to rent as long Employer covers cost of the equipment rental as well

  • Living with room mates

    If you live with room mates, it is best to rent as, it will avoid headaches of splitting the cost of modem

Why do you need to purchase your own Cable Modem?

  • Save up to $132/year

    Most cable ISPs charge up to $11/month in rental fees/lease charges for out dated equipment. You can save up to $132/Year by purchasing your own equipment

  • Better Speeds and Wi-Fi

    Most Retail Modems and Gateways have better Specs and can support higher Wi-Fi speeds

  • More Secure

    If you have your own Modem and Wi-Fi Router, you can apply latest firmware updates and be secure. If you rent the modem from ISPs, you need to depend on them to apply firmware updates

Tips for buying Best Cable Modem or Wi-Fi Modem Router.

  1. Choose between 2-in-1 Combo Wi-Fi Modem Router or Separate Modem  and Wi-Fi Router. See our blog post on Pros and Cons of each and best options. 
  2. If you are buying separate modem and Router, Make sure to buy a good enough modem to support your internet speed needs
  3. If you are buying a Combo 2-in-1 Wi-Fi Modem Router, go with AC1900 or above since cheaper devices may have poor Wi-Fi Signals.  If you have budget, choose a Wi-Fi Mesh system.
  4. Look at the your ISPs site or browse through our list of ISPs to find the certified devices
  5. Wherever possible use self-activation system from major ISPs (Such as Comcast Xfinity, Cox, etc)